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April 24, 2014

About Us

Sanabel is the Arabic meaning of “the Wheat Plants”. It is a family owned and operated restaurant
founded by Nafez Al Khatib and his son Ramy. The Al Khatib family originated from Palestine and
lived in Lebanon, Jordan, and the USA. Nafez majored in business and has over 40 years of cooking
experience and over a decade as an executive chef. His talent was developed many years ago when
he first started cooking for his college dormitories in the 1970s. His son Ramy has over a decade of
experience in Customer Service and Sales & Marketing.

Sanabel specializes in Middle-Eastern Halal cuisine, serving authentic dishes made from scratch and
served fresh. Our Hummus is made exclusively from high quality dry chick peas. The same for Falafel .
There is no preservatives or cans used in this process. Only the authentic traditional way. Grape leaves
and Kebbe are hand made from scratch by the family. All sweets and baked goods are made fresh in-
house and served with pride for your enjoyment.

That excellence in cuisine can only be achieved by using the highest quality and freshest ingredients
available, with no corners cut in the process.

We procure only the highest grade vegetables we can find and the best imported condiments and
freshest spices available to us.

Your meal has been prepared by professionals who take pride in their craft and experience. To us you
are, as a customer, entitled to the best dining experience every time you come through our doors."


Sanabel Middle Eastern Cuisine
10916 Atlantic Blvd.
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